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eLearning Event in my home town

Just discovered this event - happening in my very own home town. Will have to make a nuisance of myself like I did at the ConnectingUP Conference! Fang - Mike Seyfang - LearnDog

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We are trying to make self learning CDs for women staying @ Rural Areas. Specially we identified If we have Computers and CD making facilities we can make Learning CDs for Cooking, Cake making, HAndycrafs, Beauty culture like women's day-to-day needy works

Really we are waiting for financial help for such thing for rural women.

In Sri Lanka Computer Litercy rate is 6% in Rural Areas. There is a big oppotunity to introduce this kind of thigns to increase the Computer literacy rate even the strenghthen the rural women

we are online on http://lalanga.blogspot.com

Our email [email protected]


Lalantha Ramesh

Posted by: Lalantha Ramesh | May 19, 2006 2:08:36 PM

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