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Yesterday's Meeting

Yesterday's meeting was great but not quite what we had planned.  A couple of key players couldn't make it so we will need to catch up with them later.  We covered a lot of ground,which I will attempt to summarize below and elaborate highlights in separate posts:

Vision/Scope revised - final version to be linked from homepage.
Constitution - objects of company finalised, final draft due by end Feb.
Board - plan to form initial small/local temporary (<1year) board.
Membership/Stakeholder Analysis - participant, member, premium member, patron, board are the groups of stakeholders. The middle three will require formal 'membership' under Australian law.  Much discussion on benefits to members - needs work.
Business Plan / Cash Flow - needs more work but we will need around half a million Australian dollars to cover staff, infrastructure and project costs for the balance of the year in order to have viable launch in spring.  Amount of contribution from stakeholders will vary with the group to which they wish to belong.
Launch - Conference in Adelaide around spring.
S.W.O.T. Analysis - fantastic input, already posted here.

So there it is folks, the plan in a nutshell.  Wish us well, and if you are interested in getting more deeply involved let me know.

Fang - Mike Seyfang - LearnDog

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