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LearnDog SWOT Analysis

Here is the first output from our first meeting of members:

LearnDog SWOT Analysis - Feb14, 2005

the idea is strong – we are onto a good thing
our networks (those of the founding group are strong)
visual / brand potential of ‘the dog’ (nose, …)
recognition services are free (to participants)
the entity – public company limited by guarantee (not for profit)
first year small local board lets us begin (bootstrap)
ability to create a ‘superstructure’ that leverages existing infrastructure

initial capitalization
abstract (out there, futuristic) nature of what we are attempting
ideas driven needs first participants to make it tangible
lack of framework for appropriate involvement (implemented mechanisms for dealing with issues)
fundamental clash between ‘Rip + Remix’ vs ‘Trustworthy’

create tangible examples of our abstract ideas
reclaim trust for the individual (participant)
act like top cat when nasty things happen
for sponsors (employers, etc) to leverage our participant base = a value proposition
to grow/evolve initial small local board to large global
potential for explosive (network effect) growth
new business models become possible as growth occurs

control as board grows
managing explosive growth
reliable / robust interface to external ‘superstructure’
competition – sabotage by profitable recognition services businesses
undermine association between learndog brand and flourishing recognition services

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