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Recognition Services (Infrastructure Blueprint 3/3)

Recognition Services

LearnDog plans to evolve toward more formal structures and methods for providing recognition to the creator of a piece of digital content. This evolution will probably follow the emerging ‘attention economy’ quite closely. Recognition could be expressed as a function of attention – i.e. ‘Who is paying attention to me?’ (and ‘what are they saying about my stuff?’).

Use existing Recognition services where ever possible

While I have not been able to find any explicitly named services, it is clear that we can begin with existing services. For example, a simple blog post by a reviewer that links to a piece of content by a creator.

Track emerging Recognition services

Over time we plan to evolve to more structured representations of recognition and to more explicitly targeted services for both creators and recognizers.

The most likely source of emerging services in the first instance is the work being done by the attentiontrust.org and those contributing to attention.xml.

links: <<<look for prior post on attention >>>

If organizations other than LearnDog start addressing recognition explicitly we want to help them thrive.

Provide Recognition services only if absolutely necessary

Unless someone else does the hard work first LearnDog will need to provide initial (or ‘bootstrap’) instances of new explicit recognition services.

These services will probably evolve, over time, out of existing and emerging work in other areas. For example, the ‘simple blog post’ by a reviewer example given above might evolve to a ‘structured blog post’ and finally to a formal, standards based XML representation of a ‘recognition object’.

Likewise storage and retrieval services will need to embed strong principles of trust (in a similar way to the four principles of attentiontrust.org – property, mobility, economy, transparency)

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