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Media Services (Infrastructure Blueprint 2/3)

Media Services

Storage, bandwidth, Web and RSS plumbing are required so that content creators can publish stuff for reviewers to recognize. Popular works that receive a lot of attention can create expensive spikes in bandwith.

Use existing Media services wherever possible

Any web based service that lets content creators publish digital works of text, images, audio, video or animation. Services that allow free access outside any ‘walled garden’, preferably via RSS will work best. Any blogging, podcasting services, flickr, google video etc.

Track emerging Media services

Since the cost of storage is very low, many new media services are emerging.

Because bandwidth is still relatively expensive there are very few services that handle sudden spikes in popularity very well. podshow.com promises to be one of the first to address this for audio. There will be more.

Provide media services only if absolutely necessary

Until the cost of bandwidth falls significantly, we may need to find creative ways of providing industrial strength storage and bandwidth to handle sudden growth in popularity of a content creator.

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