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Identity Services (Infrastructure Blueprint 1/3)

RECAP: this is the first of three posts around Infrastructure Blueprint.

See if you can spot a pattern in the way LearnDog wants to hook content creators up with reviewers (or recognizers).

Identity Services

Need to identify both publishers (authors) and recognizers (reviewers).

Use existing Identity services wherever possible

- federate to the ‘Top N’ existing identity services. If a person already has a google, yahoo, passport, del.icio.us, edublogs etc account, use their nominated favorite whenever possible.

Track emerging ‘Identity2.0 and Self Identification’ services

as they evolve and use them when it makes sense. Things like Sxip, mIDm etc.

Provide Identity services only if absolutely necessary

Because (too) many Identity services exist we shouldn’t have to provide any.

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How about idea of what I'm doing at Squidoo? http://squidoo.com/dnw - ie url identity

Posted by: Dave the lifekludger | Jan 19, 2006 11:36:35 AM

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