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Worlds most trusted - WHAT?

I think I have it - CONNECTION !
Stay tuned for update to this post after my brain cools down.


REWIND to the post from October 11 - 'MasterPlan 2/3 - Aim' where I said LearnDog's aim is to:

Become the world’s most trusted conduit of publishing services for kids
I now prefer:
Become the world’s most trusted CONNECTION to publishing services for kids

There have been many iterations of this AIM and I have never been entirely comfortable with words like broker (we won't be charging brokerage, and don't want to be a middle man), conduit (while technically accurate [thanks uncle Luke], it always requires explanation as do: catalyst, switchboard, dot-joiner and many others.

Remember the LearnDog vision revolves around RECOGNITION.
If LearnDog can help kids discover ways to PUBLISH stuff in ways that will attract (positive) attention in a way that can be fed-back, we will begin to fulfill that vision. There are lots of dots to join, hurdles to overcome and new services to provide - that's where CONNECTIONS are key.
CONNECTIONS to geeks and early adopters of new technology
CONNECTIONS to people working with kids in various groups
CONNECTIONS to groups of kids
CONNECTIONS between publishers and subscribers (kids, community, audience)
CONNECTIONS with people who develop safe strategies for doing this stuff
CONNECTIONS to people with money who want to help make this stuff happen
CONNECTIONS to organisations trying to do similar things
CONNECTIONS to standards bodies addressing underlying fundamentals
CONNECTIONS to government agencies dealing with issues that recognition can help with
CONNECTIONS to specific programmes in Health / Education / Arts
CONNECTIONS to - - - the list goes on and on - - -

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pretty good mate, i think you're on the right track.

Posted by: Cameron Reilly | Nov 5, 2005 7:04:29 PM

This "connections" approach simplifies what is and will remain a more complex "thing/stuff" to explain and gain support for than desired ... so a good/better starting point to gain the required buy in.

Posted by: Russell C | Nov 7, 2005 12:26:52 PM

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